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 Database Driven Website - Overview

At Kukars Infotech, we pride ourselves in designing effective communication for our clients with the latest technologies and tools available to website developers. We use technologies like:

  • PHP


  • AJAX

  • MySQL / MS SQL / MS Access

  • JSP

  • Servlets

  • Ruby on Rails

We have extensive experience in a variety of website development technologies, allowing us to provide a wide range of services, from posting simple information about your organization on the web, to developing complex database-driven e-commerce sites.

Website development could mean a lot of different things: creating an online graphic identity or enhancing an existing one; implementing your marketing content into a website; building a database-driven, dynamic site; providing e-commerce services; and so on.

MySQL database backend used with PHP scripting, is a tried and tested web designer's favourite for building database driven web site development, dynamic websites & database driven web application. MySQL provides a fast, reliable and easy-to-use database solution that is ideal for retrieving product information and storing customer information.

If you want your website to deliver excellent customer service and enable your customers to be able to search intuitively for your products, a database will become a vital component of your online strategy.

Improve customer service
Purchasing products and services is a complex and often frustrating experience. A database allows you to publish your products online and make searching and selecting easy for your customers. The speed and simplicity a database provides, will improve customer satisfaction and retention of online customers.

Automate customer interaction
A database automates much of the interaction that takes place when a customer buys a product. This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend answering telephone queries.

Achieve customer focused e-commerce:
According to forecasts by independent research groups, e-commerce will create more than 800 billion worth of transactions annually by the year 2007, compared to 200 billion in 2002. To take advantage of this burgeoning market, businesses need a fast, efficient, and highly reliable e-commerce website. A critical component of this is a database that stores product and customer information and allows customers to search and select your products intuitively.