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 RFID Solution

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag can be roughly classified into passive and active types of tags. The passive tag does not incorporate a battery and responds with the energy provided by a reader/writer. Communication range is short, but the cost is low. This type of tags are expected to be applied to improve efficiencies in the area of the cash register, picking
work at a delivery center, inventory control, and distribution/traceability. Active tag’s communication range is long, but coverage of application is limited because of its high-cost. reader. The authors think that the active tag will not be widely deployed unless and until such a
security issue is solved.

Applications of RFID technology
RFID Applications are limited only by imagination!

  • Supply chain automation - the key early driver for developments and implementation of the technology

  • Asset tracking - tracking of assets in offices, labs, warehouses, pallets and containers in the supply chain, books in libraries

  • Medical applications - linking a patient with key drugs, personnel giving the drugs, biometric measurements

  • People tracking - security tracking for entrance management or security, contact management at events, baby tags in hospitals to manage access to post-natal wards

  • Manufacturing - tracking of parts during manufacture, tracking of assembled items

  • Retail - tracking store trolleys in supermarkets, active shelves

  • Warehouses - Real-time inventory by automated registration of items in a warehouse or store-room

  • Livestock - implanted RFID tags in animals for tracking and linking the animal to food, location. Applicable to farming as well as exotic breeds in zoos

Benefits of the RFID Technology:

  • Line of sight not necessary

  • Digital data capture

  • Offline transactions

  • Scalability

  • Data security

  • Memory Capacity 264 bit – 4 k.

  • Simultaneous reading of several labels (Anti collision)

  • Programmable and Re-programmable with a write endurance of 100,000 cycles

  • Data retention up to 10 years

  • Multifunctional

  • Secure e-purse transactions

  • Reading range up to gate width of 1 m

  • Real time reports