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 Security Systems

Figure 1 (a)

Figure 1 (b)

Figures shown here are imaginary .

In today's world security has become major issue . Lets take a simple scenario of an office of VVIP . We will develop a full computerized security check point at main gate . Suppose Mr. X comes to meet Mr. A (Secretary of Mr. VVIP) . When he comes at main gate , a wrist band will be tied on his hand , which will be then locked with the help of computer and data regarding whom he wants to meet will be entered in the computer . Now computer will keep track of that person as per the data entered . Suddenly Mr. X instead of moving towards Mr. A's room starts moving towards Mr. VVIP's room . Then computer will itself send some signals or alarm the nearest security personnel available and that person can be stopped . At the same time person sitting in control room can also see the movement on monitor , which can be shown in form of  'dot' or else .

In figure 1 (a) AT is assumed as a transmitter and red lines are assumed as signals and figure 1 (b) is assumed as a receiver showing movement in graphical mode .Thus solution consists of a transmitter (to send signals to the receiver ) , a receiver (to capture the signals so that computer can do the processing)  and wrist band/s (to communicate with transmitter) . The receiver can be located in your house. Transmitters should be located at prescribed areas . If a person (wearing a wrist band) crosses the transmitter, it will send a radio signal back to the receiver in the house.

The recent emphasis on security in workplaces and living localities has resulted in a vast increase in the proportion of buildings to which building-access is regulated. Some of these merely require a key, or presentation of a token. One example of such a mechanism is contactless chip-cards. These depend on movement of the card through a magnetic field, which induces a current in the antenna embedded in the card, and enables the card to process data, and to transmit data. This technology is valuable in contexts where human movement is brisk and occurs in large volumes, such as entry and exit barriers in mass transit systems. This can be helpful to big organisations , banks etc. where identity of person is checked before letting him inside the building . 

A contactless card operating in that manner is an example of a 'transponder'. A transponder is a device that, on receiving a particular signal, automatically responds. The response may be to amplify and re-transmit the same signal; or to transmit some predetermined message; or to transmit a message whose content is determined by a program running in a processor available to the transponder. For location and tracking purposes, transponders can be readily designed to transmit an identifier, and/or an indicator of location.

This system can also be installed in Hospitals but with some modifications (with use of IVR solution ) like :
A band will be tied on Doctor's hand , who is (lets say) on top floor of building .And he is urgently required in (suppose) Room No. 10 . Now a nurse can dial to main Computer and store the message for him . Then this system will automatically trace doctor and alert him with beep sound (means that he has a message) , then that doctor can immediately dial from the nearest phone to this Computer by putting his code no. and thus can listen to the message .

This system is not only restricted to above two situations , it can be used in many places with modifications as per the requirement . Like it can be helpful in a "Huge" parking place by helping the visitor to find his/her car or even in an Amusement Park where the security guards want to know (before closing the park) that how many persons are still inside and even to get rough idea that where they can be .

Lets take another scenario of security , terrorists attacked a house of Mr. X . He has a security system in form of a button (called as panic button) connected with nearest Police Station . The receiver is used which informs the police personnel that who has pressed the panic button on the transmitter and thus police immediately reaches at that spot. These systems can be modified to support firefighters etc.